Apollo Aviation Hires Treitel as Managing Director

Monday, June 14, 2010

By Andrea Rothman

June 14 (Miami) — David Treitel, formerly president and chief executive officer of SH&E, has been named managing director of Apollo Aviation Group ®. Treitel, with 33 years of aviation experience, is responsible for capital market activities, overseeing strategic planning and assisting in originating transactions.


Treitel has been a member of the Apollo Board of Directors since August, 2009.

“Apollo has benefitted enormously from Dave’s contribution as a member of our Board,” said Robert Korn, Apollo’s president. “He brings a perspective and discipline that has helped catapult Apollo to a leading role in the aviation investment field.”

Treitel retired from SH&E in March. During his career at SH&E, Treitel built the company to become the world’s largest aviation consultancy. Much of his work has been in connection with large-scale financial market activities, including airline mergers, acquisitions and financings. He is widely recognized as one of the industry’s leading experts in aircraft leasing and finance, whose advice and counsel has been sought by institutions investing in aircraft leasing and related industries.
SH&E was acquired by ICF International in December 2007. Treitel continued to head SH&E and also served as co-chairman of the Energy, Climate and Transportation Practice following the merger.

Apollo Aviation Group ® is an aviation asset manager with offices in the U.S., Ireland and Singapore. Apollo’s activities include acquiring, refurbishing, marketing and leasing commercial jet aircraft, engines and related assets as well as parting out commercial aircraft. Founded in 2002, Apollo has grown from a small advisory boutique to leading full-service aviation asset managers. Apollo has more than $500 million under management today and has acquired more than $700 million of aviation assets since its founding, more recently through a proprietary investment fund which was launched in January 2010.

Apollo Aviation Group ® is partially owned by Sciens International Investments & Holdings S.A., a public company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. Sciens International specializes in alternative asset management, investing in and managing alternative assets. Sciens International’s objective is to generate capital gains and dividend income through a broadly diversified portfolio of investments in Private Equity, Structured Finance, Real Estate, Fund of Hedge Funds, Aviation and Reinsurance in Greece and abroad. Sciens International principally invests in companies in which it is able to control management, operations and cash flows. Sciens International is an affiliate of Sciens Capital Management, a $5.4 billion global alternative asset manager.

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